The activities of this organization is spread through the district since the beginning of our journey. Based on our activities and service rendered towards well being and development of the locality.

Mobile Health Service For Urban & Slum Community

BSST NGO has conducted a Mobile health care facility in Araria District of Bihar State for the urban people. Through this mobile health care service, our trust has organized a Health Awareness program, Seminars & Workshops, and some rallies. The basic objective of Health care Program run by our organization are: 1) To develop and implement a community based, low-cost health care programs for communities supported by the partnership of private doctors and referral services. 2) To organize effective action-oriented health workers who will initiate and manage health care programs. The service has started from Jharkhand inaugurated by Dr. RN Bharti, Chairman of our organization.

Rehabilitation Camp

Bharti Sewa Sadan Trust has implemented a rehabilitation camp in Bihar to help the youths in recovering The organization has conducted the program in Araria District of Bihar State. Our organization also took part in the rehabilitation Program. The motto of us is the consumption of some new scruples in taking advantage of globalization and technological advances in the illicit trading of such substances. Drugs continuously harm and destroy many human lives. Valuable human and financial resources continue to divert away from productive activities. So, our organization arranges Drug Control Program to strengthen drug prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation programs. We arrange camps to aware of the general public about the harmful effects of drugs and research to monitor the drug 

problem. We also sponsor different activities to launch new initiatives to ensure that the necessary information, technology, and funds can be available on a long-term basis to combat these problems.

Educational Awareness Camps

Our Trust has started various awareness camps to provide knowledge over education, illiteracy and the importance of education.

Education is a prime determinant of human development. The constant progress of a community in education may be viewed from several angles and hence different indices of educational achievement may be used. The conventional indices include Youth Educational Development is a process that prepares a young person to meet the challenges of adolescence and adulthood and to achieve his or her full potential. Youth development is promoted through activities and experiences that help youths on the following matters- (i) effective literacy rate, (ii) primary school enrolment 

rate, (iii) drop-out rate at the primary level, (iv) years of schooling at the primary level, (v) pupil-teacher ratio and (vi) distance of schools from residence. This educational support model is designed for both children and parents to expose, encourage and help the child get ultimate success academically at home and in a global environment.

Swachh Bharat Awareness Program

Rural areas of Araria District need to be clean as the dirt is spreading harmful diseases and increasing global warming. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is also known as the “Clean India Mission” or “Clean India Drive” or “Swachh Bharat Campaign”. This campaign involves the construction of latrines, promotion of sanitation programs in the rural areas to clean streets, roads and changing the infrastructure of the country. The main object of this Mission is to keep our country clean and at the same time, we also teach our residents about the importance of the Cleanliness of Society. We promote the Environmental cleanliness by showing them lots of positive sides of being clean so that they will get interested in the mission.

Tree Plantation Program

Bharti Sewa Sadan Trust has organized “Tree Plantation” program which was attended by Members and more than 50 student volunteers.

To stop illegal plant cutting and balancing the environment, our society has started an environmental awareness program. Under the plantation program, our society is working on tree plantation for minimizing bad effects due to pollution. Our society is also focused on and working on controlling sound and water pollution. our society tried to spread the message among the people to plant a tree on their birthday ceremonies to celebrate with the environment. Our organization has successfully planted trees of different species like Amrapali, Malda, Bombay, Kalkatia, etc. in fruits and Neem, Jamun, Banana, Litchi, Kathal and other varieties of public utility trees. We are also focused and working for controlling sound and water pollution.

Rural Development Programs

Rural areas of Bihar need development in agriculture, health, and education; our organization help in rural development.

We survey the areas and found that people are illiterate, unaware of the basic facilities of health, education and human rights. Problems like poor sanitation, poor hygiene, dirty water, and poor health are seen everywhere. We arrange health camps where people get free health checkups, free vaccinations, etc. arrange educational camps and empower women and youth to choose other career options. We also provide information about scientific agriculture and husbandry helping people in developing their agricultural and economic status.

Skill Development Programs

Skill development is the best way to improve the confidence of youths and to guide them in getting adequate work to do.

A major problem faced by educated Youth in rural areas is the lack of available employment opportunities in local areas. It results in frustration and consequent migration. If rural youth get adequate opportunities for taking up gainful ventures at the local level, they would not be able to improve the well being but also can contribute to the economy. Self-employment is the only possible situation for this problem. A small step was taken by us in a remote village of the Araria District that has proved to be a significant milestone in this situation. Bharti Sewa Sadan Trust aims to 

transform rural youth to acquire a productive identity through short duration interventions which include motivation and training.

Women & Child Awareness Program

Women & Child empowerment is the major goal in the rural areas and we try to educate them to make a change

In this program, our society organizes meetings and seminars to intervene & give knowledge about women and children’s rights given by law. In this intervention & training program, about 50 youths are benefitted and trained by our society. Under this second stage, meeting, and seminars trained youths were teach uneducated women about the law & rights. In this program, our society also teaches law & rights of children, especially focused on the topic of child labor. It was observed that in polio-vaccination day, Republic Day, etc. there was mass gathering. As the people of rural areas have poor knowledge of legal rights and solution, the people should be attracted and according to society, a Legal-cum-Health mela is being proposed to organize.

Celebrating National Days

Bharti Sewa Sadan Trust tries to celebrate every festival and important days for the sake of enjoyment and happiness of people

Our organization has arranged celebration programs in the Araria District of Bihar State. Our society time to time celebrates national festivals and other important days. we also organize various seminars and conferences on different economic and social issues. According to the social celebration of important days is to encourage the children in performing their extraordinary works and increasing energy of them. The trust conveys its greetings to the people regularly on different important occasions like Republic Day, Independence Day, Foundation Day, Environment Day, Woman’s Day, Diabetes Day, etc.

Cultural Development

Our organization, Bharti Sewa Sadan trust at Bihar has organized different cultural programs on special days among the society to preserve our rich cultural heritage and traditions, we have organized cultural programs including dance, folk dance & song, drama, etc. in which young kids and children participated in a huge number. Participants were also awarded for their performance. Our organization has arranged some cultural programs from time to time in the Village named Lakkhapur. Inauguration of the program held by Mr. RN Bharti and some important persons of our trust were presented in the program such as President of Organization Mr. Sikendra Choudhury, Secretary Mr. Paresh Mandal and treasurer of the organization, Akbar Ali.

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